Woven screens and nets with rectangular mesh

Like harp screens, they are characterized by very high screening efficiency. They are constructed from round wires which are longitudinally waved in the vertical plane. Thanks to that, they have a lower tendency to clogging during operation. Transversal interlaces can be made of round or flattened wires.


They are used for screening fine classes of dry and wet hard-screened materials. They are made of chromium-nickel steel and used in architecture.

The screens should be selected experimentally because of irregular shapes of their meshes. They should be tightened carefully. Too strong screen tension can cause them to stretch and too weak screen tension can lead to stretch and too weak – failure of sorter support (sorter rib).


Maximal width: 3000 mm.
Length: according to customer’s needs.


Wires of spring (abrasion-resisting) or alloy steel as by one-notched screens. 
Diameter of wires used: 1.0 – 3.5 mm.