One-notched screens and nets with square mesh

They are used most often out of all the assortment of screens. It results from their relatively low price and easy selection of suitable mesh dimension. However, the disadvantage is their susceptibility to wedging (sizing) of meshes, especially while screening wet materials.


They are used in almost all branches of the extractive industry for screening materials of good and average screening properties. They enable the obtainment of good separation acuity of grain classes of materials such as: coal, slag, grit, gravel, sand, etc.


Maximal sheet width: 3000 mm.
Maximal sheet length: 5000 mm, or in rolls up to 4.0 running metres by wire diameter up to Ø 4.0 mm.
Mesh size: 2 – 70 mm. 


Spring-chromium-nickel steel.