Mesh cylinders


• as a sleeper–sill for slope strengthening,
• quick closing of cracks and filling of washouts in case of emergency,
• filling of empty spaces and gaps in untypical types of constructions from mesh and stone baskets,
• repairing breaches in embankments – protection of facilities against flood water,
• adjusting flood water after embankments have been breached,
• protecting embankments against washing out by the flood wave,
• raising of the river embankments in case of an emergency.

Cylindrical gabions are used broadly in untypical architectural applications as a filling element in crevices and as reinforcement for slopes.

Wymiary walcaCharakterystyka siatkiRodzaj zabezpieczeń
antykorozyjnych drutu
2 m0,65 m lub 0,85 moczka 80 x 100 mmcynk lub alucynk
3 m0,65 m lub 0,85 mdrut Ø 2,7 mm