One-sided woven smooth screens and nets with square mesh

They are made of round or profiled wires. They have a construction of very stable weave and smooth upper surface obtained thanks to appropriate stamps of wires of weft and warp in contact places.


Screens from stamped wires are adapted to screening materials with large graining for preliminary as well as for end classification. They can be used for materials with grain diameters 6 – 10 larger than the mesh dimension.

Thanks to the smooth upper surface the screen wears uniformly. Its efficiency increases with the use of profiled wires.


Maximal sheet width: 3000 mm.
Maximal sheet length: 5000 mm.
Mesh size: 5 – 120 mm.


Wires of spring or alloy steel.
Diameters of wires used: Ø 2.0 – 14.0 mm.