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Ogrodzenia panelowe
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Harp-string screens

They are constructed from waved wires, placed in turn with straight wires. They form a smooth surface with triangular holes. Thanks to this combination, tensile strength of the whole screen increases. Straight wires can transmit significant material loads and vibrating horizontal waved wires cause perfect screen self-cleaning. 


Harp-string screens are used for screening hard-screened materials i.e. a wet mixture of grains with an addition of clay and loam with various shapes and with a large differentiation of grain sizes.

The screen is more resistant to decalibration than harp screens. The triangular mesh shape causes difficulties in appropriate screen selection for the required screened material granulation.


Width: up to 3000 mm.
Mesh size: 2 – 20 mm.
Length: according to customer’s needs.


Wires of spring or alloy steel in sorts as in one-notched screens.
Diameter of wires used: Ø 1.0 – 5.0 mm.