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Ogrodzenia panelowe
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Harp screens

The screen is made horizontally in relation to the plane of waved wires. Waving runs non-parallel, but with a shift, makes square holes. They are characterized by great capacity, especially for sizing hard-screened materials, e.g. with an addition of clay. Thanks to vibrations of the wires a self-cleaning effect occurs in them.

The screen has to have a lap. Caution in the assembly and tightening of the screen is also required. Too strong tension of the screen can cause it to stretch. One should also pay attention to interlaces which should be placed on the sorter strengthening.


Wires of spring (abrasion-resisting) or alloy steel.
Diameter of wires used: Ø 2.0 – 5.0 mm.
Mesh size: 2 – 27 mm.