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Multi-notched screens and nets with square mesh

In multi-notched screens, apart from notches in the bends, both wires of weft and warp have additional intermediate notches between bends. They are screens with a square mesh. The screen obtains the required stiffness by notching wires in the vertical plane.


They are used for screening wet materials and materials with small mass density. For the sake of large mesh size, the screens enable the increase of screening unit capacity by lowering the tendency to clogging. Light types of these screens are also used as decorative or protective nets.


Maximal sheet width: 3000 mm.
Maximal sheet length: 5000 mm, or in rolls up to 40 running metres.
Mesh size: 6 – 100 mm.


Wires of spring, alloy, normal, low-carbon or galvanized steel.